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27 September 2007 @ 11:45 pm
Fic: Alone  
Author: nyxlily
Title: Alone
Pairing: Sam/Jess - only because it's canon.
Rating: G
Summary: Pilot AU. Dean had a choice to make, and his decision, made through love and guilt, caused each Winchester to fight their demons alone in a time when each needed his family most.
Word Count: ~5,880
Prompt:"Dean never sought the help of his brother to find John. What happens in this universe? Did Dean even find John?"
Authors Note: This turned out to be longer than I imagined. In order to make the deadline (hey, it's still the 27th Pacific time!) I've decided to leave off this first part here where it can be read as a standalone (I think it might be considered cheating as the story didn't fully explore what happened to Dean.. but hey) with an ambiguous enough ending that can be viewed as "The End" or "TBC".

ALSO, there's a line in the prologue that's been used recently in In Reverse (and, omg, if you haven't read the story.. Go now. Seriously.. except if you don't read WIP's) by Sodakey. It was an unfortunate coincidence, as I'm sure that line's been used before, by many authors, in perhaps all fandom. It wasn't my intent to "copy" it.

 Story: Alone